I thought I should write, before I give the appearance of having forgotten about this journal again.

Last week, for all that it wasn't busy, wasn't very inspiring either. I had many inspiring thoughts while travelling to and from work --- the eBook reading plan is working out very well, indeed --- but when I got to a place where I could write/type them down, I didn't feel like it anymore. I think reading Oscar Wilde on the train during rush hour is very therapeutic, nevertheless. I've finally read The Importance of Being Earnest and I've just finished Act One of A Woman of No Importance today. (T though I was rereading Earnest 'cause I rattled off the titles too quickly and all the Importances got mixed up.)

Before launching into Wilde, I also completed reading Legends of Vancouver, which, while clearly written in an era preceding the advent of political correctness, nevertheless retain an air of mystique and wonder that made me think deep, happy thoughts about Vancouver while confronted with the less than mystical aspects of commuting to work. I also dug out our Vancouver atlas so I could pick out places that had been named in the stories. When people ask me why I like Vancouver, for all that I visited there for less than two weeks last year, my answer has been simple: The mountains. Now I have one more reason, even less tangible than that: The legends.

Oh, and between the first Importance and the second, I also read Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops To Conquer. Not as wicked as Wilde, but still a good read without being as fluffy as Mrs Hardcastle. It's nice to read plays for a change.

Oh, and after the first Importance and before the Goldsmith, I read Metamorphosis (the Kafka, duh). Finally I know what that cockroach story is about. I like Kafka. The Trial is one of my favorite books ever; I think it resonates deeply with my Singaporean aspect.

To top off all the reading I've been doing, I downloaded a .txt-to-DOC converter this morning, so now I can happily Gutenberg all the non-copyrighted books that have been on my reading list forever and get to it! My literature teachers would be so proud of me.

I'm trying now to remember what else I've done this past week besides sort out my eBooks and I'm sadly coming up short. Oh, well --- I remember what we did on Sunday night. We had dinner with two friends we haven't seen for a while, then adjourned for ice cream at Gelare at Siglap; my somewhat-still-newlywed friends joined us there too. First they showed off his new digital camera and recent pictures of a stray cat taken with said camera; then they pondered destinations for a cheap regional honeymoon spot. Alas, because we are all Responsible Working Adults, we went home at about ten pm.

(By the way, G or Lil, if you're reading this, you might want to know that the Bean at Siglap has closed down. I was distinctly disoriented by its absence; I thought for a moment that Gelare had taken over its premises, but no, the shop space is vacant and locked up for now.)

Tonight, there is plenty of TV to watch, including the new season of Friends. Unfortunately, because I didn't sleep enough last night, I'm not sure if I'll make it past that to give Alias a shot. I think I'll go program my VCR now...


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