This has been the weekend of much downloading. Fortunately, it's all for my Palm, so it's just itsy-bitsy things: DeepReader and MoneyTender and some eBooks and documents. I would link to the various websites, but I'm feeling lazy. But if you go to Palmgear.com or Tucows, you'll find them there.

What compels me to find more useful little applications for my Palm? The realization, from looking at my colleague EH's, that mine is sorely underused and really, since I went and paid for this one, I really should do something more constructive with it to help manage my life. So there's DeepReader so that I can read short stories or even attempt reading a book on the ride to work --- without having to haul a heavy book in my bag --- and there's MoneyTender to help me manage my weekly expenditure better, and there's Converter 2.2 to convert figures to and from metric to other standards. First book on my reading list: Legends of Vancouver by E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake). It was written at the turn of the century and I figure I ought to swot up on a bit of cultural history if we're going to move there someday.

Other than that, it's been the usual weekend --- much lazing around and some roleplaying (now that I have a working keyboard unlike last week) and Kentucky Fried Chicken to sustain us through the day. It abruptly rained in the afternoon, like hell hath no fury, but just as abruptly, it tapered off. Crazy tropical weather.


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