In an attempt to write more regular updates, here I am, dutifully typing at my new keyboard instead of watching Boston Public. Of course, the latter isn't that great of a show, so I'm not making any great sacrifices here.

I need to coin a new term for what happens when your fingers type so fast that one hand is faster than the other, and you keep having to backspace because the 'n' came after the 'g' or something. It's not just the new keyboard; this has been afflicting me at work too. I might type as fast as ever, but my accuracy sure has gone down.

Speaking of which, I can't remember the name of the website where you can take an instant typing test, but it was pretty cool.

So today I went to work. It was hard to, because I've been sleeping in the last two days --- as in really sleeping in until my body wouldn't sleep anymore --- and today it was threatening to rain too, when I woke up, with thunder rumbling and all, so I knew it was going to be an even better morning to sleep in. Instead, I hauled myself out of bed and got the day started. Bah. When I saw that my new colleague and old friend H was not in the office because she was on child care leave, I felt jealous of her --- what a perfect morning to sleep in! But she has a three-year-old, so of course she wasn't sleeping in. In fact, when she called me back at the end of the workday, she said her kid was running a fever up to 42 degrees Celsius. (That's, uh, like, 108.5 degrees F if I did the math right, and I probably didn't, and how sad is it that I had to actually write the figures out to calculate the difference.) Anyway, he has a fever and possibly some virus, so both mother and son will stay home tomorrow too. Poor things.

Work was its usual uninspiring self. I've been making more mistakes than I should, which earns me this short and curt e-mails from one of my bosses, which is fine with me except she's not at all short and curt with me in person, so either she's all passive-aggressive, or it's just one of those e-mail things. I'm thinking it's the latter, because I'm sure I could come across that way in e-mail too, which is probably why I'm so deliberately casual and chatty on e-mail, which means writing work e-mail is a chore for me. That's another thing I tend to make mistakes on: plain old e-mail. You'd think an internet kid like me would have no trouble, but work e-mail is a whole different genre from personal e-mail. I hate work e-mail. I reread everything I write at least three times --- usually five or more if it's going to someone senior --- and then I hold my breath, say "What the heck, what's the worst that can happen?" and hit 'Send'. Then I forget about it till it comes back --- usually with no comments on etiquette, but it's the egregious few that are all Miss Manners about it that grate on me.


I know I'm supposed to make a list of things I do for work, but I never want to when I have the time to. And now this entry is maundering on when I really have nothing to say, so I'll stop here.


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