Time for my obligatory entry. It's not really a chore. It's been a slow couple of days --- as in, I left work before it got dark and I didn't feel totally pooped when I got home --- so I have the energy to write here. But not a whole lot of energy, 'cause last night Mrs B asked us to go play pool with her somewhere and I declined on account of post-work fatigue.

Tonight, T was asleep when I got home at 7, so I desultorily watched half an hour of ST:Voyager, before flipping over to the far more mindless yet far more enjoyable Friends at half-seven. Then he got up, and I boiled some eggs and instant noodles of the mee goreng variety for dinner --- my dinner, that is, since he didn't want any. Boiled eggs and noodles make a remarkably wholesome dinner, much less fattening and healthier than the assam fish head curry I had for lunch that was just oozing in oil.

Work was fairly productive today. I've cleared a lot of little bits of this'n'that --- like public complaints and some filing I was behind on --- and I've made progress on the two bigger projects that I'm working on. My colleague EH and I have so much fun working on our project, mostly because she's really easy-going and we can make silly jokes and gossip and then get right back to writing our paper. Yes, we could be more efficient writers, but then we'd also be sulkier ones.

EH, I believe, has the honour of being the first of my new (as in 2002) colleagues who's named in this journal. Congratulations!

Public service announcement time: If you are in Singapore and trying to establish the time at which your programme will be broadcast, because you're setting the VCR timer for it, don't trust Teletext. Teletext is grossly misinformed, which is why I missed the first fifteen minutes of Buffy last week. For tonight's taping, I checked Teletext first, then the internet. The internet has proved to be more reliable.

Oh, and yes, I could get the most reliable information, which would involve ordering a newspaper everyday or at the very least checking the ones we get at work, but I'm too cheap for the former and didn't have the presence of mind (despite it not being a busy day) for the latter today.

Dear lord, I'm rambling and with so little to propel me. I'd best stop here. Cheers!


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