So it has been as lazy --- though not as rainy --- of a day as I anticipated. I roleplayed a little, watched TV a little, did crosswords, slept a little. I also helped Terz pick out clothes for the wedding dinner tonight --- he knew it wasn't going to be a dressy affair (certainly not like last Friday's shindig), plus he had to meet a friend nearby before that, so he didn't want to wear anything that would cause him to perspire profusely. That's the trick with Singapore weather: no matter how much it rains, you still run the risk of perspiring unpleasantly so long as you attempt to walk around outside an airconditioned environment. I really don't know why the British bothered to set up shop here in 1819; with the heat, I'm surprised they got anything achieved in the day.

Now I'm bored with Baywatch (no surprises there) so I'm typing this.

I watched bits of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon this afternoon. It's really much worse than I remembered. The previews on AXN made it look all slick and suspenseful, but the delivery of the actual film is much more plodding and predictable. I need to learn enough Cantonese so that we can get the original Hong Kong TV series from the '70s on VCD and watch it.

I'm looking forward to the end of this week. So many people are coming home! Friends from London, my brother from Madison, a cousin from Melbourne and another bunch of relations from Wellington. My datebook is just filled with notes of arrival times and flight numbers. Woo!

Okay, I think I'm going to heat up some leftover Kentucky Fried Chicken from yesterday now. I haven't had anything to eat since this morning's roti prata and my stomach is complaining. It must not have shrunk as much as I feared.


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