It occurred to me while I was folding the laundry-fresh clothes just now that I'm overdue for a journal entry. It's not my fault for not writing --- this has been a very event-free week, as just as I'd hoped. Other than attempting plenty of crosswords (though not completing all of them and certainly not without the help of my husband's brand of esoteric knowledge) and watching plenty of television --- Angel, The Powerpuff Girls, my usual weakly doses of Gilmore Girls, Friends, C.S.I. and tonight's The West Wing --- I've done absolutely nothing.

One thing I should be doing is writing university recommendations. But I keep telling myself I'll save it for when my husband's away at camp, which was supposed to be for four days (Wednesday-Saturday), but winds up just being two days (Friday-Saturday). This evening, we're going to watch A Knight's Tale. It promises to be foolishly predictable, but I can take it. It doesn't truly feel like the holidays unless we indulge in some mindless Hollywood entertainment.

Other random things I've done this week:

- I finally caught up with my friend L, whom I hadn't seen in months and who deserves a shout-out because her dedication to her LiveJournal is partly what guilted me into keeping this web journal. L and I ostensibly went to the airport for lunch (her suggestion). We wound up going shopping as well and I bought stationery --- I am such a girly-girl when it comes to stationery, even though I resisted the temptation to buy even more pens. I also resisted the urge to buy some Julia Stiles movie that looked really crappy but then part of me got all soft and googly at the thought of watching Julia Stiles --- but then I walked away. I love Julia Stiles. I'm aware that she's been in some craptastic movies, but I love her nevertheless. L walked right past The Body Shop despite my elaborate explanation of their current sales offers and the free gift thing. We also waltzed through Charles and Keith --- a local shoe store that is my favorite place in the world to buy shoes --- without making a purchase. She did, however, promise to give me her C&K discount card when she goes to Australia to study next year, which excites me greatly about future shoe-shopping opportunities. (Someday, I will make a tally of all the shoes I own --- from the flipfloppiest pair of slippers to full-on winter boots --- and all of you will keel over in shock.)

- Last night, my husband and I had dinner with my colleague and his wife. Technically, he's not just my colleague because we have a good mutual friend in common too. But I only really got to know him when we started working together. He and his wife are two of the warmest people I have ever met. You know how when you first meet some people and conversation is sorta awkward and you're not sure what to talk about or if you'll tread on the other person's toes because you don't know them that well? That's never been the case with this couple. Last night was the first time Terz met them for an extended period of time and he agreed --- they are lovely people to talk to. Somewhere along the line, those two got As in socialization skills, and I'm not talking about the smarmy, insincere sort of socialization you get at cocktail parties. We would've probably hung out together longer, but we all decided we wanted to go home and watch The X-Files, craptastic as that has been lately.

Craptastic is the word of the day, apparently.

Okay, now the lightning is threatening and I'm also fearful of my computer's hard disk, so I'm going to upload this stat. Then I'm going to take a long overdue shower. Don't make that face at me. I don't smell that bad when all I've done is lounge around in the house all day.


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