Another lazy, achievement-free day. I roleplayed a little, did plenty of crosswords, watched plenty of Angel and am now prepared to go watch more.

Roleplay was ho-hum, mostly because I was paranoid that my hard disk was going to crash at any minute and thus wasn't really concentrating on the roleplay per se. Also, when I roleplay on Sunday mornings, it's Saturday evening US time, so the games I frequent tend towards the quiet side. As luck would have it, just when I'd gotten warmed up and into the thick of a good scene, my computer decided to misbehave and that was the end of that. I retired to the couch to do crosswords.

Several crosswords later, I took a shower and made lunch. I went to the grocery store yesterday (don't think I mentioned it in the journal entry) and bought forty dollars' worth of food, including many sandwich fillings that should last me through the week. I say "me" because my husband has to go out all day for work-related things every day this week. No matter what the official line is, not all school holidays are equal and not all teachers are equal in enjoying said holidays. I just count myself lucky that I get this week free, though I will make the time to write four recommendations for Cambridge/Oxford university applications for some of my students.

The hard part will be not spending all my time vegging out in front of the TV, as I did this afternoon. I can only do crosswords for so long before my brain protests, so I popped in a tape of long overdue Angel episodes (we're talking episodes 7-11 of season one). I have the entire season one and the first six episodes of season two on tape, but I haven't quite gotten round to watching them because that's precisely the luxury of having them on tape: I can sit through them whenever I please, not necessarily one a week or whatever. I personally like watching several episodes or half a season in a row --- there's a real sense of momentum built up for that.

You may ask: why, however, am I fixating on Angel? Don't break off your friendship with me, but David Boreanaz is highly yummy. I know that his acting abilities are limited and that this show might have jumped the shark in season two, but I'll still watch it for eye candy. DB is not the reason I began watching Buffy avidly, however; that was because Buffy was actually a good show, back in the first three seasons (and maybe the fourth, if you cut the show a little slack). But my possibly sad devotion to Angel's all about the tall, dark and handsome (don't puke) lead, and the fact that he's got two hundred-plus years of history to tell.

I never claimed not to be superficial. Besides, it's the holidays!


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