I just watched the episode of The X-Files where Scully's running all over the place trying to figure out if her mysterious pregnancy means she's carrying an alien fetus, like all these other pregnant women that are popping up in the episode ---and man, does this show lack Duchovny. He's in about half the episode --in flashback scenes, private moments between Mulder and Scully --- and those are the only scenes that make the rest of the episode make sense. Bring back Mulder! Doggett's sweet in his own way but let's face it: Robert Patrick will always be the Terminator. Mulder and Scully will scmoulder forever.

The middle of my left back has been aching all day. I suspect I slept funny last night. As long as I haven't 'caught' the backaches that were plaguing my husband a few weeks ago ---


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