Happy Hump Day! -- That's what my dorm friend in college used to say because Wednesday is smack in the middle of the work week, so it's like a hump, see?

The first thing I did today outside of my usual routine was to upload this journal. This was not as easy as it sounds. For one thing, I allowed myself to loll around in bed for a good fifteen minutes longer than I was supposed to, which ate into what is usually the 10-15 minutes I dedicate to checking e-mail and news headlines before I leave for work. Furthermore, my uploading software was acting up because I'd overlooked a couple of essential steps in installing it, which took a few extra minutes to fix. Fortunately, the colleague with whom I ride to work has been leaving a little later than our appointed time lately -- and I'm not complaining, since we still make it to work on time -- so I allowed myself the extra couple of minutes to make sure all the files were in the right place and loading correctly, then gulped down my coffee, dashed through the morning dishes (i.e. two coffee mugs, one coffee pot and the plastic filter, because I hate to leave them lying around coffee-stained all day), poured all my stuff from yesterday's brown handbag into today's black one (I have too many bags) and scrambled out the door.

The first real thing I did at work today was to e-mail my friends and tell them about this journal. Hullo, you all!

Work was great, in that I didn't have to teach any classes and merely held consultation hours. I also scanned some photographs of our Vancouver/Seattle trip in June; I discovered two days ago that we have new HP 3400 Scanjets in the computer labs and they are fast babies, so I'm finally taking steps towards creating that web album I've been promising people for over a year now. All I need is another webpage design idea, and I'm good to go.

I had to observe some project work lessons in the afternoon, but that's not important. What is extremely important is that I found out today that Mr Brown is back online! His site is focused on Singapore, so you won't get the jokes unless you live here and/or follow the local news, but I can't tell you how much I've missed him! His latest editions of SNE had me cackling to myself in minutes, to the point that when a student interrupted me to ask me something, I had to wave him away for a few minutes till I stopped laughing and then I had to tell him all the wonderful things about BrownTown, before I eventually let him speak. My only fear now is that the site will get shut down by the Singapore government -- that would be a dark day in Singapore history indeed.

Another excellent satirical Singapore-oriented website, by the way, is TalkingCock.com -- but I'm sure you knew that already.

After a healthy dose of Mr Brown's humor, I headed home. Taking the train home during rush hour wasn't as awful as usual because I was armed with Mrs Dalloway and determined to get through a chunk of it during my thirty-minute ride. The book has been sadly neglected in my busyness these last few weeks and it's the first Virginia Woolf novel that I've really liked. My goal is to finish it within the week, which shouldn't be a problem if I take the train home tomorrow and Friday.

The only downer today has been the realization that I need to write five solid recommendations for five aspiring Oxford-Cambridge students of mine -- all by the end of next week, before my 228 scripts (see yesterday's entry) descend on my desk. That's going to be a real chore, not because the students are difficult to write for but because of the pressure of knowing that this is a reference that might make or break their entry into either university. Dammit.

Last night's Gilmore Girls was refreshingly sound. Christopher (who is equal parts George Clooney and Brad Pitt in his cockiness) has been satisfactorily dispatched and I have to admit I don't mind that Lorelai got a little nookie while he was in town. Alas, poor G, who has to wait till December to watch this fine, fine episode.


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