I just watched almost an entire episode of Once and Again. I'm not a fan of the show --- it's too mundane and moderately paced to hold my attention --- but the local TV station broadcasts it on Saturday nights which is the perfect vegging out time for it. The funny thing about it is that the teenagers' relationships in the show are far more interesting to me than the adults' --- or perhaps I just latch onto the teen stuff because my own adolescence was horribly mundane and I have no choice now but to live vicariously through the experience of TV characters.

How sad is that?

The good thing about today was that I did absolutely nothing and achieved absolutely nothing throughout the day. The web photo album continues to be on hold, due to my inactive creativity and also my own fears about the stability of my hard disk (see next paragraph). I did, however, complete several New York Times crosswords from our crossword book, though I admit that I peeked on some really obscure clues. I can't be expected to know details of Civil War battlefields, can I?

The bad thing about today was that I rediscovered how unstable my hard disk is. I think I really need to replace it, which will set me back another couple of hundred dollars. But I've already overspent for this month, so hey, what's another couple of hundred thrown into that?

I have the answer to that question: a possible two thousand dollar bill for some damage I inflicted on the car today. Okay, so all I did was run over the kerb at a very slow pace, and then I cursed myself for it, and then I didn't think the damage was that bad, but it really was because the husband says that fixing it requires rustproofing and all sorts of extensive labor charges, and right now I'm looking at a giant bill. I'm also squiffy with the husband as a result, because the car really is his darling (not that it isn't mine). So this is truly the worst thing that happened today. Bah.

But now I've had a dose of Once and Again, and imbibed a Kurant vodka'n' Coke, and my hard disk has cooperated sufficiently for me to compose this entry (and hopefully to upload it), so I'm going to go to bed and dream of the lazy week ahead.


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