How to be a walking Mac cliche

Read Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's autobiography iWoz on the train while carrying a brand-new Macbook and an Epicentre shopping bag.

I didn't plan it, I swear. I started iWoz a few days ago, before I consulted Wahj on the finer points of buying a Macbook and well before Epicentre sent me an email about its SITEX offers. And I only bought the book at the last Kinokuniya sale because I've recently taken a shine to reading biographies and personal histories.

For the record, I haven't started using the Macbook yet. I'm in the midst of crunching text for a Very Important Deadline on Monday and I only get to open the new laptop when that work is done. Yes, yes, I've received many incredulous reactions to this, but just watch me, truly, I will be that disciplined.


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At 12/01/2007 2:15 am , Blogger yanjie said...

alamak...likely to have new model in s'pore by feb next year leh.....

At 12/01/2007 8:27 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yanjie > just a thought.

1. the current macbook is a november revision. so it's a pretty good buy actually.

2. the new model next year is *rumored* to be a sub notebook, it's in a different class altogether.

3. there will always be new models released very quarter/half year.



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