As if we needed another reason ...

But the Media Development Authority gave us one anyway.

Reason #1 (yes, #1) the Singapore government's attempts to "nurture" a media industry are doomed to fail: Sing along to the MDA Senior Management Rap.

Beeker warned me that it would be "cringe-worthy". I think he meant to say "revolting, ridiculous and impossible to sit through" --- although I did, to the bitter end, just to see how bad it would get.

As I just said to Adri, it parodies itself.

Now what I want to know is: why are taxpayers' dollars being spent on this??

Edited to add (12:31 am): The video's so popular, the original site takes ages to load --- so naturally, it's been Youtubed.


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At 11/22/2007 11:32 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was cringing plenty yesterday when Bryan showed me the site!


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