At the gift shop at the Chinatown Heritage Centre, $2 buys you this:

Aeroplane chess

I thought anyone who went to primary school in Singapore in the early/mid-1980s would be familiar with it, but apparently ACS boys are not. Good thing the rules are easy to explain.

In the debut game of Wahj vs. Packrat yesterday, both players wound up with three pieces "home" and one piece left to trudge forlornly, perhaps forever, around the board. So they, er, declared it a tie, which I'm fairly certain is not kosher in the rules.

The thing is, I'm fairly certain I played this with someone recently (i.e. maybe the last year or so). I seem to even recall reading the rules printed on a piece of dusty thin paper. Now who was I playing with and whose set was it?

Other retro amusements that have recently entered my possession include a bunch of small toys that came out of a goodie bag assembled for the adults at Nate's birthday party. The capteh (shuttlecock) didn't last long with Ink around.

Ink gets acquainted with his new toy


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At 11/24/2007 1:49 am , Blogger Brandon said...

This game is called Ludo, and I do have some childhood memories of playing a larger version of it. It's also available in the Nintendo DS collection, Clubhouse Games.

At 12/05/2007 1:09 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with the game.


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