Now coming to you from Queenstown

I moved house two days ago, which was a less hectic operation than the last (count 'em) four house moves since 2008, because it didn't involve moving to a different country nor moving much furniture. When the movers showed up, they said, "That's all?" Yay me.

I'm now living in Queenstown, which feels like life's come almost full circle (in the same way that Singapore's newest Circle Line on the MRT is almost but not quite a full circle), because I grew up at Normanton Park, which I can see from my windows now, and as a kid I spent a lot of time at the Queenstown library, the stationery shops, the hawker centre and the supermarket.

Those are mostly gone now, naturally --- I say naturally because this is Singapore, where 100-year-old trees are chopped down without much ado, and 100-year-old cemeteries filled with tombstones to illustrious personages are not safe if urban planners decide a new four-lane road is needed instead. So the hawker centre with the breezy two-storey layout is gone, as is the supermarket building and multi-storey car park adjoining it, as are all the family-run stationery stores. The library's survived, I'm not sure how; I should pop in one day for old times' sake.

Living in Queenstown also puts me closer to the Southern Ridges and Labrador Park. G-man drove me to the latter yesterday in search of lunch, which I think was my first time there in at least a decade, if not two. (Everything looked too quiet and we ended up eating at VivoCity, also because I needed to get a mobile broadband setup.)

Before you ask, yes, it'll be weird not being in the East after 12+ years, but I'd imposed too long already on the dear friend who put me up since September (and my cats a year before that). If I could afford to, I'd move back East in a heartbeat. We shall see.


At 3/15/2012 10:57 pm , Blogger dsowerg said...

Welcome back to the West.


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