Charging into the Year of the Dragon

Busy busy busy. New on POSKOD.SG recently: a slew of lyrical essays on such assorted subjects as Singlish, letter writing and cats (by my old friend Wahj). Go read.

Also, last week I delivered a paper at an academic conference for the first time in my life. The paper: "Troublesome Women as Project and Paradigm". The event: "Gender & Sexuality | Performance & Representation in Asia", a mini-conference organised by NUS and NTU. My partner in crime and co-author: Adeline Koh (rooting for us all the way from the US, where she's based and from which she joined us for the panel session via Skype --- oh the wonders of technology).

Also, today I taught a three-hour journalism workshop to a group of 17- and 18-year-old students. Fun, but I always forget how much teaching wipes me out. I'm surprised I know how to find my way home after it's over.

Also, my cousin Nardac is visiting from Paris for Chinese New Year for the first time in a crazy number of years. Much eating is involved, natch.

Also, I should blog more. Can one make resolutions for the Chinese New Year?



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