Achievements of Sunday/Monday

1. Improved my Sudoku game level from "moderate" to "intricate" on Sudoku Joy.

2. Did a ton of ironing. (I like ironing. Like cooking, it frees the mind while keeping the hands busy, the latter also preventing you from being distracted by any other task.)

3. Had the best yusheng of this Chinese New Year season at Roland's Restaurant.

4. Giggled over the inherent silliness of terms such as "netizen" and "edutainment".

5. Sorted and filed a bunch of business receipts for the last month. Now my wallet can snap shut again. (Also: I need to stop taking so many cabs.)

6. Merged a bunch of duplicate Foursquare venues for Spinelli Coffee outlets in Singapore --- because sometimes the persnickety spirit moves me.

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