Up and at 'em

It's past 3 a.m. and I'm still up because I'm syncing my iPhone backup with an old iPhone a friend loaned me, because I dropped my iPhone one too many times (the latest time being last night, post-white wine). Now the phone's "home" button doesn't work, callers can't hear my voice and the phone won't charge. Yes, ownself sabo ownself.

The nice thing about being up in the middle of the night is that it's quiet, still and cool – perfect for catching up on email and other work things. The weird thing, which shows you I've watched too much of The West Wing in the last few years, is that it made me think of the opening to the episode, "The Stackhouse Filibuster", when the West Wing staff's Friday night plans are derailed by a filibuster in the Senate, and CJ Cregg says, "I'm sitting and waiting. I'm ordering pizza. I'm catching up on e-mails." I don't have any pizza, but the sentiment is pretty accurate.

The sian (tiresome) thing is that I really want to crawl into bed and be asleep.

Oh yay, the sync's complete! Except that I now have 11 full screens of apps sorted in alphabetical order, plus lots more apps that there wasn't screen space for, and I'm too tired to sort through them now. Tomorrow lah.



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