Okay, blog template back to its yellowy glory. It disappeared a couple of weeks ago due to a little silliness on my part, but my friend Ripper figured out my screw-up and restored the template two days ago.

In the interim, I boxed up a bunch of stuff to ship from London to Singapore, made a whirlwind round of farewells in London, and hied my way back to Singapore. Funniest moment on the flight back: I put away my iPad and tried to activate the in-flight entertainment by pressing my fingers on the screen as if it was a touchscreen. I stabbed away hopelessly for a couple of minutes before remembering that oh yeah, the handset, that's how you activate the system.

Singapore is about as crowded as I remember but, oddly, not as hot. I was prepared for feeling the usual blast of humidity when I walked off the plane at the airport, but maybe at Terminal 3 they've upped the air-conditioning levels because the sensation wasn't as noticeable as it used to be. I may also not be noticing the heat as much because I've been mostly hiding indoors by day, venturing forth only at night.

Various newbie moments: reminding myself to tap my EZ-link card when I get off the bus, thinking that the Circle Line on the MRT runs in a full circle (its southernmost stations are not linked), standing on the right side instead of the left on an escalator, taking a taxi to Marina Bay Sands in the midst of F1-related road closures.

I'm sure there'll be more to come.



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