Mu and Bu, 1 and 2

A really close friend in London had her babies today. Yes, babies -- twins.

When I last saw the then parents-to-be two weeks ago, they didn't have names or even nicknames for the babies yet. So I suggested a few (nicknames, that is):
  • Murano and Burano --- blame this on my being in Venice in July. Hey, we could call them Mu and Bu.
  • The Bobbsey Twins --- in honour of some children's novels whose titles we knew of, but never read. Unfortunately a little judicious Googling turned up the fact that the Bobbsey twins were fraternal, while my friend is having identical twins.*
  • A and B --- the boring option, which I said out loud in order to compel the parents-to-be to think of better nicknames.
When I received the text message announcing the babies' arrival today, they were referred to as #1 and #2. I wonder if that's on their hospital wristbands.

* If they were fraternal twins, I would immediately suggest Huck and Molly, of course.



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