Ciao, Siena

Good thing I planned for Orvieto and Siena, because after the madness that was Rome, the last thing we would've wanted was more crazed, crowded, touristed spots. Like, you know, Venice, where we're headed tomorrow.

My mother continues to have more energy than me. I needed a chill-out break in front of Siena's Duomo, a coffee break and a tipple before dinner. She was always ready to walk on. I'm gonna have to keep on keeping up.



At 6/10/2011 3:39 am , Blogger Chris Davies said...

Orvieto and Siena are two of my favourite places. Venice I thought was going to be touristy - and it is but the way to avoid this is to a) dive down side alleys try to get lost and b) wait until after around 5pm when all the big tours (and mass tourist groups) depart. Then the Venetians come out to play (literally - the little kids play soccer in the squares), and drink expressos - and Venice becomes a real place.


At 6/21/2011 4:35 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Thanks, Chris. I really enjoyed all three places! I was a little worried about re-encountering the tourist hordes in Venice, but as you say, just duck down a side alley away from everyone else, and suddenly you're in a different world altogether.

Now I hope I have the chance to go back to Italy and explore the countryside one day.


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