The charger won't charge

After its first jaunt overseas, the Macbook charger decided today that it didn't want to work anymore. Oh sure, it put on a good front this morning while I was clearing email and work, but after I got home from a lunch appointment, it flatly refused to do its job.

Fortunately, Wahj came to the rescue (again) and drove over to lend me his spare Macbook charger. Otherwise I wouldn't be blogging right now, nor could I have spent the evening choosing and editing some of the vacation pictures.

The unexpected thing about not being quite ready to write about the trip, is that hour by hour I can feel the experience slipping away from me, perhaps because Shanghai was different yet not so different from Singapore, so everything is starting to blur together, as if I'd never gone.

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At 6/18/2008 7:32 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting, mel had the same experience in her latest blog entry. jo and i get the same feeling whenever we are back in spore for > 4 weeks. like the life over here never existed, like a dream like that. i wonder if it's an age thing or otherwise. :p wes


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