Rehabilitating real estate flyers

At tonight's wedding dinner, a new acquaintance was talking about the difficulty of finding a short-term lease on an apartment. My immediate suggestion was, of course, "Find a place that's gone en bloc."

(For my non-Singapore readers, see my attempted translation of the term "en bloc" and its associations here.)

Which then reminded me that I was supposed to mention my friend Daniel's personal project, Bloc Me, with &Larry, to redesign the hideous "for sale/rent/agent available" flyers that flood many mailboxes in Singapore.

Their solution uses nothing more fancypants than the fonts Arial and Times New Roman, Powerpoint software and "excellent design sense" (I'm quoting the website). Two templates are available for download and free usage; I just wish the images were available in a non-Flash format so I could plonk the flyer designs here. They're very clean, white and communication-friendly --- far less offensive and more effective than the tripe that most of us are familiar with.

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