The prettiest picture of them all

A number of my friends are enamoured of the biggest drawing in the world (fake, by the way) but I'd rather have this picture of the Milky Way, please. Did I mention that one of my earliest childhood ambitions was to be an astronomer?

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At 6/04/2008 10:07 pm , Blogger Dot said...

A battery. In a briefcase. I'm surprised overzealous security forces didn't take it down.

At 6/05/2008 11:43 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

totally fake... hello? what the hell is DHL doing spinning prettily in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean... just for some dinky hair detail? He even admits it on his website. I'm surprised at how people cannot tell the difference between being clever and making art these days.

At 6/05/2008 12:08 pm , Blogger aeiou said...

Why see our galaxy in infrared when its splendour is readily apparent in visible light, as here? :)


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