What you missed hearing me whine about this week

"I have no tastebuds. I can't taste anything. Okay, I can taste like the first bite, but after that, that's about it." This morning, I could taste the first few bites of a McDonald's breakfast. And here I'd only ordered it because I thought I'd be immune to its taste.

"I, er, don't really have any work to do." It's been a light week, which is a novel experience for me. I didn't broadcast my availability too much because I was still recovering from last week's cold and not being able to taste was making me crabby. Plus it'll be nice to coast along for a bit till I go on vacation in mid-June.

"I can't believe the Myanmar 'government' is still being an ass." I don't think this point needs any further explanation.

"The weather is crazy lah!" Feels like the hottest it's been yet, though it could also because I only just realised this week that the afternoon sun falls squarely on the front of the apartment where I live. And as everyone keeps reminding me, it's not even July yet (which is traditionally the hottest time of the year).

See? Even though I didn't blog, you didn't miss much.

Today is all about humming the Indiana Jones theme. Now I want to watch the original trilogy all over again ...


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