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So you know what the crazy thing about Singaporeans is? There are enough crazy Singaporeans out there to cause a feeding frenzy on Technorati for whatever the scandal du jour is. As I write this, the top 4 Technorati searches are "Tammy", "NYP Tammy", "Singapore" and "NYP". Yesterday, the top 5 Technorati searches were variations of the same phrases.

If you didn't know already --- and trust me, you're not really missing anything news-wise --- Tammy is a poor girl whose cellphone was stolen by a malicious acquaintance, who then circulated via MMS the video stored on it of Tammy having sex with her boyfriend. The Tomorrow.SG post on this attracted usual the usual pride of morons, so I spent some time earlier this week whacking them on the head here and here (Tomorrow.SG doesn't allow me to permalink to a specific comment within the comment thread, dangit).

At any rate, the current Technorati madness suggests that a) Singaporeans who use Technorati really like amateur sex, and b) there are enough Singaporeans using Techorati to take it over, so to speak, in the process of trying to get at information on the scandal du jour. The former trend is off-putting, to say the least. The latter --- well, actually, this isn't the first time that Singapore-specific search terms have dominated Technorati's top 5. It just takes the aforementioned feeding frenzy, plus some fairly distinctive "uniquely Singapore" search terms, like "NKF" or "Dawn Yeo", to throw it into light.

Unfortunately, I don't think that necessarily qualifies Singaporeans as technorati, per se.


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