When it's Friday

Or How creative concepts originate over MSN (mild obscenity warning, assuming you understand Hokkien):
ME: I was just gonna email you
ME: I had 4 ideas. [The other designer] has on his own come up with one that is identical to one of mine, so now I have 3 left.
Colleague: Then give one to me then
ME: 1. [Idea One]
Colleague: very vulgar
ME: 2. [Idea Two]
ME: 3. [Idea Three]
I'm not entirely happy with any of the three, and neither is my colleague. Discussion ensues. A short while later...
ME: [Idea Four]
Colleague: hmm, can leh
Colleague: [Idea Five]
ME: I think [Idea Five] cannot --- it sounds as if they're sliming their own 'product'
Colleague: it was a joke
ME: :P
ME: Do you still want other ideas? And must it be [related to a particular theme]?
Colleague: oh yes...I'm still going through.
A little while later...
ME: [Idea Six, which I tossed off flippantly, thinking it crap]
Colleague: BINGO!!!
Colleague: Chee bye, yay!!!
Colleague: I can go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which just goes to show you, you never know what works.





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