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If anyone was wondering where I disappeared to for a week last year: here's 10 ways to enjoy Padang, even more stuff to do in Padang, and some places to chill out in Singapore.

Apropos, addendum: Fear not frog leg soup, and other tips (link via Popagandhi; free subscription required). Helpful reminders, even to those of us who've been travelling free'n'easy for decades now.


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At 2/16/2006 8:50 pm , Blogger limegreenspyda said...

cor... is that you in the picture?

At 2/16/2006 11:14 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Nope, that's the photographer who travelled with me for the story. Terz is the one who gets to wear the one photographer hat in my family :)

(A metaphorical hat, that is. Terz has far too much taste to be caught dead in one of those floppy hats. Or vests. Thank god.)


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