Shopping at ampulets supplies

ampulets supplies
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It's easy to shop at ampulets supplies --- just pop over to their webpage and have a look at their latest designs. What do you get for your troubles?
  • A nifty black-and-gold "Singapore" plastic bag, which immediately made me think of those old CYC tailor shopping bags,
  • Brown paper packaging, unpretentious and probably environmentally friendly --- perhaps the only disappointment is that it does not contain nasi lemak,
  • A T-shirt of your choice! With a pink timesheet card hung on a jaunty twist of rough twine that tops off that whole nostalgic air.
I can't wait to wear my new T-shirt. Limited edition some more!


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At 9/28/2005 11:45 am , Blogger ampulets said...

wah, thanks for the promo!!! ;>


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