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Despite yesterday's surprise battery outage on the new camera, I managed to dash off a few pictures of my cubicle.

I've always regretted not having pictures of my previous two workspaces --- or, for that matter, of the various workspaces I created for myself while living in various accommodations at university. I suppose what they all had in common was that they were messy. I've been a messy-desk person since I had a desk to myself (circa 1989), much to my mother's despair.

The current cubicle is lucky in that respect. I didn't move all my usual teacherly things in because I wanted to keep clutter under control from the start. I've succeeded insofar as there's still a decent empty space where I do most of my work everyday --- though in this picture, that space is occupied by the laptop and the current pile of examination marking.

Originally uploaded by Tym.

For more details, click on the above picture, which will take you to the image on Flickr, duly cluttered with notes.


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At 9/20/2005 6:07 am , Blogger Kay said...

eh, very neat, leh. You should see my mess... bleah... =)

At 9/20/2005 10:49 am , Blogger wahj said...

ditto. You should see my cubicle.

(though if I recall your old cubicle at Buona Vista correctly, from the one time I saw it ... this seems to be an improvement = )

At 9/24/2005 1:34 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i should go through my NU pictures. is it really possible that we don't have a picture of at least one of your places??

At 9/24/2005 2:21 am , Blogger Tym said...

Okay, I oughta take a picture of the other side of my cubicle, where all the stuff is haphazardly stacked so that the space you see above can be used for work. I'm not a desk goddess, really!!

kk --- I hope you find something! I know I have hardly any pics of my time at NU at all. I guess we were too busy, er, having fun? To remember to take pictures :) Plus, hey, no cheap compact digital cameras and cameraphones in our time! Ha ha.


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