It seems like Giant supermarkets are always busy. Even in the middle of the afternoon, there are lines at the check-out counters and the stockmen are frantically refilling the fruit and vegetable bins. Me, I was picking up a couple of things for dinner and also looking for funny signs that I could take a picture of, like the "giant chix" one I snapped last week.

But this particular Giant outlet got especially busy today when, without warning, a swarm of primary school children blitzed the aisles as if they'd just been released from school for the year.


When I was a kid (oh god, how often I say that these days), our fieldtrips were to mushroom farms and water purification plants --- places that our parents couldn't, or weren't likely to, bring us. It seems that a supermarket falls into that category these days, or maybe the definition of fieldtrip has expanded to include our national pastime, shopping. Regardless, I never thought kids would be that excited while perusing dairy products.

Loose among the shelves
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At 9/28/2005 1:16 pm , Blogger Tym said...

I'm sure it's educational. Schools do all sorts of fieldtrips nowadays. It's just ... odd to see little kids invading a supermarket, especially if, as trisha says, they're armed with a relative fortune to spend at the teacher's behest in service of some class assignment.

If it were my kids? I'd rather they learn to climb trees. I never learned and now I'm a little chicken to. I don't think it challenges a kid as much, character formation-wise, to go shopping in a supermarket :)


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