"Want. Take. Have."

If only it were that simple.


  • New PDA - to replace my Clie, which has a wilting battery life. Currently considering the Zire 31 because it should fit into my budget of "a couple of hundred dollars".
    Why is a PDA a "need"? Because when I didn't enter the details of 2 meetings in my PDA, I completely forgot they existed, even though I was doing all the work involved --- until the people I was supposed to meet called and were like, "Uh, you're not coming to our meeting today?" Because without my PDA, I wouldn't realise the egregious amounts of money I spend every week and panic in time to rescue my bank account. Because my whole life is in my PDA and I no longer have a properly functioning memory.
  • New cellphone - to become the new personal cellphone next year, so that current personal phone can become next year's work phone. (I'll have to return the current work phone when I leave the job at year's end.)
    I've been carrying two cellphones now for the past three years, which has come in exceedingly useful not only when one is dropped down the toilet, but also when the work phone rings and a few seconds' of steeling oneself before answering can make all the difference. It also maintains the purity of vacations, since my personal phone autoroams but the work one won't.


  • iPod!!! 'Nuff said.
  • iBook --- to replace the quavering, unstable PC I use at home. Why isn't Apple Centre bundling these two together, dammit?

Allow me to channel Stellou for a moment: The story about Apple Centre is: I went in some time this week to fondle the 12" iBook, then purposefully asked a competent-looking black-shirted employee if there were any bundles for the iBook with an iPod. "No." Any idea if you'll be doing that? You did that back in June... "No." No smile, no attempt to engage me on the virtues of paying full price for both, no query if there was anything else he could help me with. CHEH! Maybe next time must wear a tanktop to get the boys' attention.

I did get my year-end bonus, but it looks so pretty in my savings account, I'm loath to break it up just yet. Instead, I'm idly surfing product websites, calculating, calculating...


At 12/14/2004 12:16 pm , Blogger Agagooga said...

I rarely use my PDA anymore, since my phone has PIM capabilities (with a louder alarm too).


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