"A National Geographic program, but on people"

In Before Sunrise, Jesse tells Celine about his wacky idea for a cable access TV show:
JESSE: And I have this idea for this show that would last 24 hours a day for a year straight, right? What you do, is you get 365 people from cities all over the world, to do these 24-hour documents of real time, right, capturing life as its lived. Um, you know, it would start with, uh, a guy waking up in the morning, and, uh, y'know, taking a long shower, eating a little breakfast, making a little coffee, you know, and, uh, reading the paper.
CELINE: Wait, wait. All those mundane, boring things everybody has to do everyday of their fucking life?
JESSE: I was going to say the poetry of day to day life, but, you know, you say the way you say it, I'll say it the way I say it...
Nine years on, we've got blogs.


At 12/07/2004 1:58 am , Blogger Kiv said...

Hot show. Can I borrow???

At 12/07/2004 5:59 am , Blogger NARDAC said...

blogs are more interesting because you can follow somebody for awhile, more than just one hour. and you pick who to follow.

but actually they're not. I'm sick of blogs. Everybody is so boring, with their jobs, their movies, their nostalgia for youth, their pseudo-lefty leanings, their sarcastic witty comments about nothing. Our generation is soooo bored.... and boring. Beam me up Scotty.

that said, I still read all my friends's blogs, just to comment.

At 12/11/2004 9:39 am , Blogger Tym said...

Kiv - not when I don't know you.

Nardac - tell me about it. I don't read my usual blogs for a couple of days, and I feel claustrophobic, cut off ...


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