It is a very uncanny thing to have the clothes dryer and CD player come to a stop at precisely the same instant --- as if the household appliances were in cahoots to say, "All done! No more music! No more dirty clothes! Now get off the couch and do something!"

There's an old man who lives in my neighbourhood
Who has three maids
They help him take his evening constitutional
And every now and then they'll all four stop and talk and giggle (well, the girls do) and chat
It's nice.

4 consecutive nights of drinking = running only 3.4 km today before I couldn't go any further. Dammit!

My friend David has a photography show at Sixth Avenue. Go see, quick!

A good 100-question marathon to while away a Saturday night: The Ultimate '80s Quiz (link via Rogue Slayer Law Student Movie Fan). I only scored 61, so I only get to be Knight Rider-esque...

Bookmark this page --- it may save your bladder the next time you're Down Under (link via Caterina.net).


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