Blast from the past

I got an email today, writing "in reference to your website, regarding 'Nada, Zippo, Zilch' looking [sic] maternity wear" and recommending that I take a look at the writer's local maternity wear website. I was going to do just that, when I realised that I couldn't recall writing recently about the dearth of maternity wear in Singapore. Admittedly, I still rant briefly about it from time to time, but a phrase like "Nada, zippo, zilch"? Hasn't crossed this blog's past at all, not even taking into account the old 2001-2002 posts that I'm slowly migrating over here.

And then it dawns on me to search among the really old stuff I used to write, and lo! there it was. The "Nada, Zippo, Zilch" webpage in question was written more than four years ago. Again, admittedly not much has changed since that time: maternity wear in Singapore is still, on average, pretty bleak stuff and the local government is still trying to figure out how to convince folks to have more babies. But I guess the writer missed the part where the date I wrote the piece is published right under its title. And sent me her email anyway. Which is a strange thing to do, in my book, but maybe when you're starting up an e-commerce site, you do what you gotta do.

Which still doesn't mean she gets a gratuitous link off this blog post, because I'm a little doubtful about people who don't check when webpages were last updated before shooting off their emails. Just because something's on the internet doesn't make it still true, still believed, still representational.

Even if I still hate local maternity wear and that's a big reason for not going down the pregnancy path.


At 12/11/2004 10:37 am , Blogger NARDAC said...

I think there's sexy maternity wear out there ever since Sarah Jessica Parker decided to balloon up. Anyways, I always loved D. Karan's stretchy black dresses for preggers, very sexy and emphasize lucious bosom during that time.

My reason for not getting into the proliferating mood is simple, CASH and SUCCESS. I think I'd find solutions to the clothing problem, especially since the new fashion in tops is loose with a fitted hip line. They even make sexy jeans for them now.

At 12/11/2004 6:37 pm , Blogger SilverBullet said...

Hey... email me a link to the website. I'm curious about the clothes there, not that I'm going to buy any. My search for nice and reasonably priced maternity clothes in Singapore proved quite futile and I think I probably went to most if not all the maternity shops there are on our little red dot. There were a few decent ones but I wouldn't pay that amount for something I'd only be wearing for a few months.

I'm perfectly happy with my Liz Lange, Gap, Mimi Maternity and Old Navy maternity wear right now actually and I'm not planning on buying maternity jeans. I got myself a pair of seven for all mankind jeans a month or so ago which I can still wear and which I hope to continue to wear with the help of the very useful belly belt in upcoming months.

I saw lots of pregnant women on my last trip back and wasn't very impressed with what passes for actual maternity wear in S'pore. All very muu muu like... icky material and not very cute...

At 12/11/2004 10:58 pm , Blogger cour marly said...

Wow. Your blog goes waaaay back. I had a webpage at one point in 1998-9, I don't even remember the URL, but didn't blog till this year. Not sure how long I can keep up with a blog either.

As for maternity wear, what is shocking is how much all those hideous barncoats cost!

At 12/12/2004 12:27 am , Blogger Tym said...

Nardac - Actually, cash and success are no. 1 on my list right now. But the lack of maternity wear is pretty high up on that list too.

Silver Bullet - Will email you.

cour marly - When I was writing before 2002, the word 'blog' wasn't yet in everyday parlance. I've also taken a couple of hiatuses in that time. Fortunately, my Very First Website (circa 1995) is no longer around --- it'd be a classic case of everything not to do in basic web design!


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