Red & white

I have two red bruises on my knees, courtesy of said knees hitting the floor too hard during certain moves in last night's kickfit class. I'm not particularly bothered by the bruises --- only realised how red they were when I changed out of my work clothes tonight --- except that the one on the right knee is particularly large and round-shaped and might necessitate my wearing a below-the-knee skirt tomorrow.

I gave 2-Door another try tonight. We were last there for EH's birthday, and it was nice and cosy and posh-looking without egregious prices (assuming you don't go for the $700 bottles of wine). Tonight, it was just Casey and me, in search of a liquid consolation in a place that wasn't Union (drinks a bit too expensive lah) and that didn't have hard-backed kopitiam-style chairs (sorry, Beaujolais, now that you've moved across the street). 2-Door provided comfy couches to sink into and wine-by-the-glass at $10-12 a pop, which, let me assure my overseas readers, aren't bad prices by local standards.

So there was blanc for me and rouge for Casey, and we pondered whether working for the next ten years at jobs we don't give a damn about but which pay us well would be worth it, so we could "retire" at 40 and then get on with our lives. Then we reshuffled and thought maybe short-term goals like next year's travel plans was a more palatable topic: he thinks land of New Zealand; I'm thinking Europe, land of cousin Nardac and friends Neil and Ru (well, once the latter move there). We'll see how the money works out.


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