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On my way home on the train tonight, I was standing in front of a girl, maybe eight or nine years old, travelling alone, wearing a bright blue T-shirt, black tights, with a satchel in her lap, slippers on her feet. When I was done reading my book, I decided that it was time to check for messages, so I pulled out first the personal cellphone --- no messages --- and immediately after, the work one. The girl's eyes nearly bugged out when the second one appeared; she could've been that kid in The Incredibles who sees Mr Incredible hoist a car over his head and his chewing gum goes *pop*. I could just hear the thought in her mind: "She has two handphones?" Like it was a magic trick or something.

With much aplomb, I returned both cellphones to my handbag, while the girl wiped the startled expression off her face. Kids are funny sometimes.


At 11/22/2004 8:31 pm , Blogger NARDAC said...

she must have been young. ;p


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