In the continuing de-suaku-ization of me, I went to the Boom Boom Room for the first time last night. To be fair, I was not the only first-timer in our group: of the five of us, only two had been there before. On the other hand, I was the oldest among the first-timers, so...

It was rockin', it was rollin' and it was some good times. Kumar was sadly absent, but there was a very cute back-up dancer that I could fixate on instead. (Not sure if he was gay; no, I mean, I'm sure he was, but all these metrosexual-looking types really confuse the scene.) There were two hen night parties going on: one girl was wearing strange black feathers in her hair, the other --- well, let's just say I wasn't surprised when she said she was a teacher. (I'm going to be one of those next year! Save me now!) Both brides-to-be were dutifully hauled up on stage, but nothing racier than a little close dancing with two other hapless ang moh 'volunteers' ensued. A colleague commented that the dance music, played during the interval between the two cabaret shows, wasn't as happening as those in KL clubs, which makes me think I should go up to KL with her some time and see where she hangs out.

By night, Singapore really doesn't seem so bad. The city's quiet, there's a light breeze to buoy one's spirits, you can walk in the middle of the road --- everything's soft-focused and easier to accept. It's almost a shame to have to get into a cab for the ride home.


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