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If you live in Singapore and use Ciba Vision's Solocare Plus or Puriyves contact lens solution, you might want to make sure you're not using expired solution. According to MediaCorp NewsRadio, Ciba Vision has been recalling those products for the past month and a half. Yeah, right --- I'm pretty sure I saw Solocare Plus on sale at the Watson's outlet where I picked up my non-Plus, non-Puriyves solution last week.

Naturally, this would happen right after I start wearing lenses again.

The news report's reproduced below, since it'll probably vanish from the NewsRadio webpage soon:
Contact lens solution withdrawn
Contact lens solutions Solocare Plus and Puriyves are being taken off the shelves.
Our reporter Goh Kim Chai finds out why.
The recall started about one and a half months ago, but not many consumers were aware of it.
Many thought the manufacturer, Ciba Vision, had simply ran out of stock, especially for Solocare Plus, a popular contact lens solution.
Retailers I spoke to could not tell me why the products were recalled.
A check with the Health Sciences Authority, showed that the recall was a voluntary one and not because of any adverse incident.
It said Ciba Vision had found out during routine checks that the shelf life of the solutions fell short of its expiration date.
What could happen if one uses expired contact lens solutions?
I put this question to a consultant opthalmologist.
There's a risk that the solution that you're using will harbour bacteria. I'll be transferred to your
contact lens. And from the contact lens to the eye giving rise to an increase risk of getting contact lens related corneal ulcers.
So what should you do if you still have these solutions?
Newsradio 9-3-8 has written to CIBA Vision to find out and is waiting for its reply.

Check your bathroom cabinets now.


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