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It's storming furiously outside as I write this. God, I love the monsoon season.

Last night, I was at New Asia Bar with EH and Casey, and as it began to rain, the windows fogged up so that the city below looked more mysterious, more alluring than it ever does by daylight. A group of Caucasians took the table next to us, the men in black suits with unkempt white dress shirts, looking as if they'd just yanked off their ties on the way up to the bar. We couldn't place their accent, despite our best attempts at eavesdropping, and EH concluded that they must be Eastern European because they were short (for Caucasians) and "malnutritioned". Malnutritioned? EH is the queen of sweeping statements, but I have no idea where she got that notion from.

New Asia Bar is quite the melting pot as far as clientele goes. We saw families, kids fresh out of school, tourists in shorts and tourists in suits, Sex and the City-esque girl clusters --- and I encountered a group of older women in the bathroom who murmured that the lighting was too dark. A family with two children who wouldn't be tall enough to qualify to ride on most rollercoasters were turned away at the ground floor when we arrived ("Sorry, no children allowed ..."), but apparently kids are okay at Introbar: on our way out, we passed a couple with their snoozing baby.

Later, in the Raffles Courtyard, a woman in an ill-fitting white cheongsam sashayed her way between the tables, mumbling unintelligibly to slow jazz tunes. We thought we'd time-warped back to the '70s.

All this, and I managed to get home before midnight.


At 11/16/2004 8:36 am , Blogger stellou said...

Aaaahhhhh!!! Did the white-cheongsam woman say, "Thank you. We're Sausalito. We'll be here all week." ???? :-D


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