Blog on, blog off --- blog back on.

I'm not sure what caused my website's blip to vanish off the Internet, but despite knowing how fickle technology can be (see Monday's entry for a perfect example), it could've been something as innocent as one of my web host's kids accidentally tugging a wire out of place without him realising it till the next day.

By the way, that IT glitch at work? Still going on. The system came up yesterday, plunged into offline limbo today, and is supposed to be up by tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath.

Courtesy of Agagooga, Louis Menand's review of Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots & Leaves, which I read in May and purchased last week. I'm not coherent enough to fully digest the review right now, while part of me is feeling a little defensive about Truss's book and wondering if it's maybe not meant to be taken that seriously. I too spotted some of those very punctuation errors on my first read-through and I still love the book.

No more Scrabble games yet, though Wahj has loaned me Word Freak, Kay would apparently like to play some time and I took two dismal turns apiece at TextTwist and Bookworm last night, which were humiliating enough to send me packing to bed at 11 pm. (This was after I'd had two shots of vodka, which maybe isn't the ideal warm-up for any word games.)


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