Apparently, for our local broadcaster, the best movie to show the night before the climax of the annual lovefest that is National Day, is City of Angels. Because nothing gets people gussied up for a national holiday like a love story of doom.

* * *

Does anyone else think that the girl on the front page of Yahoo! Mail looks a lot like Kate Beckinsdale?

* * *

The only problem with The West Wing DVDs is the commentaries. No one seems to know what they're supposed to say and it's only about ten minutes into the episode, just about when we hit the credits, that they start ease into chat mode. Even then, they don't tell enough juicy stories or recall off-screen anecdotes with enough relish to make it feel like a behind-the-scenes commentary. For a show that often seems to run at two hundred spoken words per minute, it's a letdown. They should take a leaf from The Lord of the Rings Extended DVD team --- now those are some classic commentaries.

* * *

Things I did not do today, though I could've:
  • Go for my weekend run.
  • Write anything that wasn't an email or a blog post.
  • Clear the dining room table.
Instead, I napped, watched TV and did my nails. No wonder Zach Braff's got a career and I don't.


At 8/09/2004 9:32 am , Blogger wahj said...

Actually, she looks more like Jenny McCarthy to me.


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