At Sods 2 this evening, Mr B observed that I'm fairly non-confrontational. I suppose that's a corollary of usually being the smallest person in the room, not to mention the one with the arms least likely to be able to lift a sack of rice. I've also rationalised it as a general unwillingness to argue with people who aren't worth the time it takes to argue with them. In this, Terz and I differ, as do Mrs B and I, as ably proven by tonight's little near-fracas: While she kept talking to the guy, I sat on the sidelines and suppressed the urge to shout, "Moron!", like the European guy in the Volkswagen ad, at the guy in question.

Eventually, Moron! left, we all had a swig of whiskey to wash away the bad taste, and peace was restored to the land.


At 8/16/2004 4:46 am , Blogger Neil said...

Moron! sms'ed me today (time to change my number again), and here is the transcript:

"Man your wife is scary. Is it an act, or is she really like that. Ha ha. Good night tho, enjoyed it. Don't mention the football"

Is it me or does this show an incredible lack of empathy. I mean, does he really not get that calling a guys wife "scary" in an sms to said guy is clearly wrong?

And whats with the "good night tho"? Either he has had his memory interfered with or is smoking crack cocaine!

At 8/16/2004 9:29 am , Blogger Tym said...

Or he really is that clueless. *shudder*

At 8/18/2004 10:51 am , Blogger Packrat said...

What did moron! do?


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