I cleared my schedule this afternoon, so that I could sort through some work --- so naturally, the IT system I needed for said work decided it would take a day off and refused to spit me any data. In retaliation, I took a 1½ lunch with Wahj and we tried to find an excuse to buy something from Table Art & Decor, a pretty store on the third floor of Holland Shopping Centre that stocks a surprising range of Unicef items. In further retaliation, work cast a hex over my afternoon and I had much typing to do, till I could flee to a yong tau foo dinner with Terz in a little old corner of Singapore where cyclists are more common than SUV drivers and the burning incense of incipient Seventh Moon festivities choked the air.

Now he's bringing me chocolate ice cream, to be savoured over reruns of Alias on AXN that are the sole reason I'm severely sleep-deprived every Tuesday morning.


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