Why working at home may not be all it's cut up to be.

The Nokia ad described in the article reminds me of local broadband ads showing a guy in a shirt and tie video-conferencing from his computer at home, when all he's got on below computer level is his boxers. But if all a person wanted was to not have to dress up for work, we'd just need to fix work-related dress codes, rather than turn ourselves into telecommuters (or teleworkers, as the British term it).

The idea of working at home and/or working freelance still appeals to me, though. It's kinda like how I had to try out this 9-5 gig, in order to be sure that the corporate-ish world wasn't for me. Next year, I'll resume the 7.30 am-whenever schedule that will likely mutilate my social life and no longer leave my weekends free for blogging. Ironically, I might have more time then to blog while at work.

Interestingly, the President gave out the Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award yesterday. My employer isn't on the list --- is yours?


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