Tidying up the odds 'n ends

The apartment is clean for the first time since we got back from vacation. I can't take the credit for most of the work, but Terz and I did our share of picking crap off the floor and putting it away in cupboards.  I also did the last of the laundry from the trip --- nothing smelly, just a fleece jacket that I'd put off washing out of a primitive fear that it would get damaged in our machine (it's survived, intact).
I also settled on my Gmail username. It's not tym, natch, since Gmail has a six-letter requirement for usernames, but my LiveJournal username which, miraculously, had not yet been snapped up. Gmail seems to respond a lot more quickly on my dialup connection, so I'm going to have a go at it for now.
It's too hot to blog anymore. What happened to all that lovely unseasonal rain we were having?


At 7/20/2004 8:54 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tar, here. Too lazy to make an account. ;) Just had to pop in and say that we could seriously use a storm or two, right now, as well. The humidity is going to kill me.


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