Warning: ranty spirit within

I was going to rant about how the Singapore Heritage Fest 2004 --- "being held for the very first time!" --- seems to be more of a nostalgia lovefest that seems to think watching movies on an antique movie projector and watching children trot out in dainty ethnic wedding costumes is somehow genuine Singapore culture.

Instead, I ranted at the National Heritage Board for having a grossly unfriendly website. The website's not linked here because I'm not going to deign to give it a link --- it's easily Googled anyway, but don't say I didn't warn you --- and I also forgot to copy-paste the rant-er-feedback here before clicking 'send' (as I did with my successful SMRT rant). At any rate, the first problem was that it has one of those annoying massive 'splash' pages that, as I told them in my not-too-snarky feedback, are so 1999. Secondly, the 'splash' page decided to hijack one of my existing browser windows, even though I was in the middle of a secure transaction. Don't you just love it when websites do that? It's so bloody Singaporean too: "Hello, excuse me, my turn now, not convenient for you? DON'T CARE!"

In other news, Cupid apparently struck ten times during the preparations for the National Day Parade. I don't take issue with the fact that ten couples allegedly found all the sweating and stomping around on the National Stadium grass while wearing red and white togs somehow romantic and stimulating. I do wonder why this merited coverage on the nightly news bulletin that's supposed to be about "issues close to my heart".

Oh, that's right: because what most English-news-watching Singaporeans are really worried about is not the economy or their jobs or whether they'll have to contend with higher electricity rates should the local power companies decide to stick consumers with the fines incurred for last week's blackout --- no, not those paltry issues, but we do worry about why it is that those uncooperative singles won't volunteer for a National Day Parade and get themselves a spouse already, dagnabbit.

Getting grumbly and it's only Monday. Must drink tea and calm down before brain explodes.


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