The downside to overdosing on Aaron Sorkin is that I start to talk the way Sorkin writes. Given my already excessively accelerated speech, this means that the longer I'm in the same conversation, the faster I speak, regardless of intelligibility or, indeed, for want of anything to say.
Ryan: Sometimes I think you talk just to make sounds.
Seth: Sometimes I do.
"The Perfect Couple", The O.C.
I've always wondered if this is an occupational hazard of being a teacher that no teachers' college warns you about.

Of course, it could be environmental too. To wit, this recent conversation with Gerard at Borders bookstore:
G: Have you seen The Quotable Slayer?
Me: No.
G: You haven't seen The Quotable Slayer?
Me: No.
G: But it's The Quotable Slayer!
Me: I haven't seen it.
G: The Quotable Slayer! It has quotes.
ME: Can we quit the Aaron Sorkin already? I still haven't seen it.
On the other hand, I also recently recounted a conversation with a friend to T à la Lorelai Gilmore, which might have freaked him out if he hadn't been drifting off to sleep at that time. And there was the Buffy phase, during which Gerard said I was talking more and more like that show.

Now that Astella's back in town, expect me fully to start talking like this.


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