An entry in the style of Astella

What makes a good lunch when university buddies get together? Start with homemade Chinese fried rice adorned with healthy-sized shrimp, accompanied by meaty yong tau foo, lightly soy sauced fried chicken wings and spicy chilli paste. Cleanse the palate with boiled green bean soup,  flavoured with slices of water chestnut, served in daintily chilled bowls. Segue to a thin sponge cake packed with smooth mango ice cream. Round off with a rich Bailey's-and-milk mix that takes the breath away, and have green tea available for those who need to diffuse the Bailey's.

Who needed dinner after? Terz had three pints of his favoured poison at Sod's 2 (162 East Coast Road, tell Pat Terence and Yu Mei sent you). I had a fistful of longans while watching Gilmore Girls. If only every day were like this...


At 7/25/2004 12:41 pm , Blogger Agagooga said...

What would an entry in my style look like? :0


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