That religion thang

The only time I sing hymns these days is when I'm at attending a church wedding. I must say, for someone brought up in church, there's nothing like a rousing chorus of "To God be the Glory" to get the tinglies going. Whether they're the right kind of tinglies that the hymns are supposed to inspire --- well, that's another the matter.

So there I was, parked in a pew, savouring the afterglow of a well-bellowed hymn, thinking about how maybe I should pop into church every Xmas or something, so I can rock the season in with some heartbeat-thumping carols --- when I was hastily brought smack down to earth with a reminder why I wouldn't make it past the singing part of any service.

The scripture reading in question: 1 Peter 3:1-7.
The problem: The usual, that whole wives-submit-to-your-husbands bit.
The aggravator: The pastor trying to spin it as a non-patriarchal, non-oppressive injunction --- which got even worse when he got to the bit about wives being the "weaker partner".

Sadly, the church ceiling was too low for the height to which I desperately needed to roll my eyes.

At any rate, a lovely wedding, which will have lovely photos because Wes was there, and since I didn't know anyone else at the wedding, I spent time catching up with Wes and that's always fun.


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