It can't rain all the time

So I had this post written all about the lovely unseasonal rainstorm we've had today and how my new black high heels stood up to the ultimate tropical weather test, but it all sounded so hopelessly fifteen-year-old of me that I can't bear to publish it.

Instead, I leave you with today's happy thoughts:

(*) Leaving work at 5.30 pm like I'm supposed to.
(*) Drawing up my resume and marvelling at how fun it'll be to pretty it all up with the right words.
(*) A local politican finally saying what I've been waiting for the rest of Singapore to figure out about the whole six-month-maternity-leave hypothesis: It's not about protecting women's jobs from discrimination, it's about changing the entire social mindset so that everyone who's a parent or a child is entitled to parental/child leave and it's not just a women's issue. It never was just a women's issue.


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